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Camera Guy

These are the voyages of the camera guy David - to unreservedly go where many have gone before. I enjoy being behind the camera to capture photos and videos for igtsoft creations. I am a published photographer featured in print magazines.

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I seek opportunities to apply my camera skills and gear for photo and video projects. I am also interested in TFP collaboration to capture photos and videos for my website exhibits to include content such as modelling, fashion and dance.

  • If you want your subjects or topics to be captured in photos or videos, I'm happy to explore my suitability for your needs and my compensation.
  • If you have content of interest to appear in front of the camera, I can contribute my time, camera and skills for TFP collaboration (e.g. models, fashion designers, hair & makeup artists, dancers).

If you have questions or interest, please do not hesitate to contact me to explore how my camera shooting style and quality can align with your needs. I live in Toronto (East York).

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