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Stormrider App

This app allows you to enjoy the Stormrider 78-card Tarot deck from your smartphone and tablet devices. Stormrider is a delightful rendition of Pamela Colman Smith's artistry and is made up of millions of fractals, put together piece by piece to create a magical realm where the energy and light will inspire you to do the best readings of your life.

The Stormrider App is available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.


From the home page, you can launch the other app pages.
The About page allows you to discover the Stormrider app and deck.
Use About - Help to become familiar with the app functions and capabilities.
Use Browse Cards to explore the cards.

Browse the Stormrider deck of cards through thumbnail images.
Tap the thumbnail image to bring up a full-screen display of the card along with text.


Conduct your Tarot reading.
Use the Shuffle button to initiate shuffling.
Stop the shuffling of cards when you feel the time is right.



The Journal capability allows you to save your readings.



You have the ability to edit your reading at any time. Do exercise caution when editing or deleting Journal entries. These operations are permanent. The readings information is saved in the internal storage of Android smartphones and tablets & iOS iPhone and iPad devices. You are encouraged to choose and use third-party apps to manage backup of the data associated with the Stormrider App.

For iOS devices, you have the option to use Apple iTunes to sync your application data. Please consult the appropriate documentation for your Apple iTunes software.

Stormrider App is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Android app on Google Play               iOS app on the App Store

This Stormrider App is the result of collaboration between and Saleire.

The software elements of this Stormrider App are copyrighted by
The Stormrider card images and description text are copyrighted by Saleire.

Visit Saleire's website for information on the Stormrider deck.

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