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Create a Video for your App

Do you want an interesting and compelling video for your great app?

(A) Here is a video illustrating how the Circle Art App works - it is essentially a screen capture of the app in action with user input. Here are other examples - Mind Reader App - Business App Pages.

(B) You can have a person using the app on the smartphone or tablet with narration - and recorded in 4K Ultra HD for highest resolution. If the app is a group thing (e.g. a game), then you can have multiple people in the recorded video with group talk.

  • (A) is much easier and cheaper to do.
  • (B) requires hiring actors/models.
  • Both cases require a script or story to be written.
  • Both cases need the required device (smartphone or tablet).

The app owner is probably in the best position to tell (and write) the story about the app. It is preferable to have a large device with high resolution. Depending on the app, I may be able to do (A) in a simulator/emulator (depends on whether it is an iOS or Android app).

I have a digital camera which can take 4K Ultra HD video. You can see samples of my 4K UHD videos through my Videographer blog page. Please note the video on that page is presented with "tongue in cheek". The links on that page will lead you to superb 4K UHD videos.

Visit my Video Portfolio and Video Creator pages to see examples of my video creation (designing and editing videos).

With the right budget and effort to write a good script, (B) can yield an extremely high-quality, interesting and compelling video for your app. I can envision intricate video editing work (with close-ups showing human expression) in the production of the video.

You have a range of options to consider. You can also use a less specific video to convey the theme or mood of your app. The video below is an example of a general theme around smartphones and apps plus just seeing things on the smartphone.

If you have questions or interest, please do not hesitate to contact me to explore how my video editing and production capabilities can produce a high-quality video in high-resolution for your fantastic app.

If you have problems viewing the videos hosted on this site,
please try my YouTube videos, perhaps at a lower quality setting.