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I am David. I do freelance work in video design, editing and production. I put together the videos on this page to illustrate some of my capabilities.

I use CyberLink PowerDirector and Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve for my non-linear editing software. For image editing and manipulation, I use CyberLink PhotoDirector and Autodesk Pixlr. For video stream manipulation, such as cropping or separating video and audio, I use FFMPEG. I use Blender to incorporate 3D assets and physics effects (such as fire and wind). Along with Blender, I also use Blackmagic Design's Fusion for special effects and compositing video sequences to achieve motion graphics and animation. For color correction and grading, I use DaVinci Resolve.

I use various tools to generate synthesized speech which can be reasonably good as an alternative to a real human voice. For video capture of my computer screen, I use Nvidia ShadowPlay which is integrated with my Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card.

I am located in Toronto, Canada. I have a home-based video editing system set up for remote video editing opportunities. I have a sufficiently powerful Windows computer and a 4K Ultra HD Monitor with high-speed Internet access at 25Mbps download, 10Mbps upload. I have the equipment and skills to perform video editing to create high-quality video productions.

Please take a look at my Video Portfolio page which reflects my collection of skills for the creation of various types of videos. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions and/or interest in my involvement with your projects.

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If you have problems viewing the videos hosted on this site,
please try my YouTube videos, perhaps at a lower quality setting.