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Click/tap the banner graphic (camera lens with film strip) to navigate to the home page where you can click/tap each cover image (or the associated link such as Models) to visit the respective page. Some subpages such as Models and Events and Festivals also have cover images (and associated links) to other exhibit pages.

As indicated where applicable by "Click/tap image for gallery view.", an image can be selected to view in the picture gallery along with other images on the page. There is a top banner area within the picture gallery which shows the current picture number and the total number of pictures in the gallery. Toggle fullscreen and Close (X) buttons are available in the banner area.

View in gallery
Click/tap image for gallery view.

For non-touch devices, the Previous and Next buttons can be used to traverse the pictures in the gallery. The Left and Right (cursor) keys on the keyboard can also be used for traversal. Clicking anywhere not on the picture or clicking the Close (X) button will close the gallery view. Pressing the Esc key also closes the gallery.

For touch devices, left and right swiping action can be used for picture traversal. The pinch out gesture can be used to zoom in while the pinch in gesture can be used to zoom out. Double tap toggles zoom in/out. When the picture is in normal zoom size, a pinch in or swipe up/down gesture will close the gallery.