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I have a Lumix DC-G9 camera with 4 lenses.
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My 42.5mm lens with f/1.2 maximum aperture is suitable for portrait photography plus a variety of photos and videos at that focal length. My 15mm lens with f/1.7 maximum aperture is suitable for street, landscape, architectural photography in addition to gimbal mounted on-the-go video recording. My 12mm with its f/1.4 aperture is suitable for extra width (field of view) along with the faster f/1.4 aperture for lower light situations. My zoom lens has constant f/2.8 maximum aperture with the versatility to scope and frame content where "zooming with my feet" is not possible or feasible.

Maximum photo resolution is 5184x3888 in 4:3 aspect ratio. Maximum video resolution is 3840x2160 (4K UHD). For static scenes, with camera on tripod, I have the option to shoot 80MP images at 10368x7776 resolution using the G9's High Resolution Mode.

I shoot videos in 2160p60 to capture action with camera movement. I use 2160p30 as an alternative when the higher framerate is not needed.

I have a decent Orion tripod suitable for shooting photos and videos. I have a Zhiyun gimbal for shooting on-the-go action videos but is also useful to capture dynamic perspectives for recording video footage.

I prefer to shoot in natural light and at indoor venues where there is sufficient artificial light. I have a flash unit and a small portable LED light for additional lighting equipment as needed. I have three softbox lights for studio environments.

I post-edit my photos and videos on my desktop computer at home in Toronto.